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    mike S
    August 17, 2022

    Went in to see about selling a one of a kind framed Everlast boxing glove signed by both Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGreagor. I had not only the C.O.A but also immediately presented original purchase order for this item. The employees behind the counter are not the reason for this horrible review. This rests in the hands of the boss who I assumed was the owner. I told them without the frame these gloves which there’s not a huge number even out there were going for in the ballpark of $800.00 just the glove. The owner goes to his computer and proceeds to say that this glove is selling for $200.00 and he tells me this through an employee because this owner never talked directly to me even though he was 10 feet away. Not only an unprofessional approach but this number is a complete lie proven by a very quick google search where the glove is clearly being sold for what I said as a price at the start. I thinking he was looking at maybe just one of the fighters autographed glove asked if that was the case but the relayed message back to me from the admiral standing again 10 feet away through his employee was that both autographs on one glove was selling for $200. Anybody who knows anything knows that’s a ridiculous purely laughable number and there is not 1 glove going for $200 so a flat out lie. I knew at this point that this guy was unreasonable and not honest so I ended any debate over a price because according to them we were not even in the same universe in regards to price. I was also told that the framework and extra attention too layout of the piece add no value which again is absurd and false. This place has some great employees as 2 gentleman conversed with me for awhile answering some questions I had but the owner acted like he was superior and basically I should have been fine with his lies and deceit. I have included pictures of this piece of history and make ur own judgement if u should waste ur time bringing anything to this establishment to sell. Remember this guy said this glove was selling for $200 again a flat out lie but as anyone knows that’s not what they would have offered me obviously. I did not even ask for a number they would have offered but since this is not even close yo the first or only item I’ve sold in my life I know a ballpark of what that offer would have been and we’re talking $75.00 give or take. Again take a look at the piece and u can judge this encounter for ur selves. I have this item for sale on Market Place my name is Micah Notz.

    Miss Smedema
    January 27, 2023

    Stopped here to sell a diamond ring a few months ago. They advised me they’d like to see the paperwork. I called to confirm someone would be in to look at it and was assured there would. I came back with the paperwork. On arrival, the staff who could make an offer were not in the store. Another staff member glanced and said they wouldn’t buy it anyway. I understand not purchasing the ring but that could have easily been communicated on the first visit. The staff member we worked with this time was unpleasant. The entire experience has been poor. I would not recommend.

    Kathy Janssen
    May 05, 2023

    If you get to work with Kathryn , you are lucky. She is a very knowledgeable and helpful employee. I had a great shopping experience!

    Trevor Gouert
    May 06, 2023

    Mark the owner and the guys n gals are the Best! If you've got Gold to sell Nobody will pay you more. Very Knowledgeable and Friendly 👍

    Daisy Ramirez
    April 04, 2023

    I never write bad reviews but this place really did it for me. I was watched the entire time I was shopping, even had a woman follow to where I was, asked me if I needed help which was asked in a condescending way. If this place wants more customers maybe try treating people better.

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