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    February 09, 2023

    I’ve always had good care for my pets here, however the company they send pets for cremation to is terrible. I wanted a clay pawprint to remember my 16.5 year old girl I lost, and they gave me a wet, floppy, slab of clay with barley any indentation of her paw. I’ve had cremation done elsewhere and have received a nice proper hard clay print from others. Not the type of thing you want to deal with after losing your baby and best friend.

    Tammy Lessmiller
    May 11, 2023

    My dogs have been patients of Dr. Johns for about the past 25 years. I feel that Dr. John and Dr. Jen are very good at what they do. With that said, they have had an increase in patients in the past few years, which has resulted in people not getting the best service anymore. I had to make a last minute appointment for my dog and had to wait until 7:30 in the morning to call for an appointment, with no guarantee of getting in that day and then got charged extra because of the last-minute appointment. I would rather have made a regular appointment and waited a few days to see the doctor and pay the normal fee, but that option isn’t available because their appointments are a few months out. In the past year, I have had the doctor prescribe a type of medicine for my dog and charge me for it and then come to find out that they don’t have that medicine in stock, so we’re having to wait for it and then run back and forth to pick up his medicine. I am an established patient with this clinic, but the office staff told me that they have too many patients for the amount of doctors that they have there. I feel that if I want a good vet service, I have no choice but to seek out another veterinary office that is not so overwhelmed and overworked. This is a good vet office, but they have just taken on too many patients.

    Linsey Hannon
    February 21, 2023

    Warning this is going to be long. I brought my dog here for a spay operation. I had some good interactions and some less than satisfying interactions. I’ll list the good to start. First of all I noticed the night before the surgery that she had started to go into heat. I called immediately when they opened hoping they could still do the operation. They assured me they could but it would be an extra $70+ for it because it would require the laser to be used. They also gave me a second option of pushing the surgery to a later date to keep the original cost. The person on the phone made me feel like my dog was a priority and were very accommodating. Another positive is once they gave her the sedative shot the tech asked if I’d like to sit with her for awhile while it kicks in. I was very grateful for the consideration and sat with her giving comfort while she got a little sleepy. The tech then came in and gently picked her up and brought her to the back. The care they demonstrated for my pup was exceptional. Now to move on I had some minor negative moments throughout the appointment. First they asked when the last time she ate was, as she is supposed to fast for 12+ hrs before surgery therefore she’s not supposed to have any food past 8pm. I chose to feed her a full days worth of food the morning before the surgery along with treats throughout the day and stopping food all together at 8pm. I wanted to be sure she had an empty tummy by the time she went under to ensure she was safe. So when they asked when she last ate I informed them of this. The tech’s response was “Oh you poor baby” like I was abusing my dog or something. It made me feel like i was doing something very wrong and failed as an owner. I was shaken. What an awful feeling to have before you send your pet into a major surgery. The next thing was when I came to pick her up the tech informed me that she took the liberty of feeding my dog a full cup of science diet kibble without asking me first. Number 1 is she has a sensitive stomach so any deviation from her normal kibble and she has an upset tummy and liquid diarrhea number 2 is she has a major pork allergy which wasn’t mentioned because she wasn’t supposed to be consuming anything while there anyways and number 3 is she has serious motion sickness , which they knew, not to mention the nausea from the sedative so she ended up vomiting the kibble back up in my car. Now I fully appreciate the thought behind feeding her, they wanted to make her comfortable and show a little extra care but I wish they had called to ask me first or requested I bring in some of her own food because they wanted to offer it after surgery. Now she is recovering from surgery as well as has a stomach ache and diarrhea to deal with. It absolutely breaks my heart. And lastly upon leaving I asked how her weight was and if she was ideal or had to lose/gain any. The techs response was “um I’m not sure we don’t really monitor that” that made me feel like a moron for asking until I realized I was at a vet office and pet health is exactly what they monitor. Also to boot they have a literal sign on their door telling customers to inquire about your dogs ideal weight. I want to make sure my pets are heathy and happy as much as possible, I believe part of that is maintaining an ideal weight. It was very disheartening to see them brush such a question off. All that being said I appreciate the care they showed my pup but I wish they had a bit better communication and empathy. I felt wronged and fairly defensive as soon I entered. I feel the last thing you should do is make a pet parent feel ashamed before taking their dog away for a major operation, you should be making them feel at ease knowing their baby is in good hands. I went home feeling anxious and unsettled, waiting for the call that the spay went well. I was fighting the feeling that I did something wrong that could cause my girl to be hurt. It was an awful feeling and I hope I am the only one who has to experience it. However, again I appreciate the care they showed my dog.

    Peter Tubbs
    March 10, 2023

    Took our ball python in to Dr. Sarah Wolfe (Bird Doc) here. She is awesome! Knowledgeable, experienced herpetologist, surprisingly affordable

    Orlando Medina
    March 21, 2023

    I was on the phone just a minute ago 3/21/23 , as I was explaining my situation to their receptionist , she sounded as if she was using coke or meth... due to how anxious, hard to understand and aggressive her attitude was . Will never call again , will not recommend,. LORD BLESS HER SOUL 😂

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