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    Tom Warren
    June 24, 2022

    I'll admit we hadn't ordered from GB Pizza Co. in quite some time due to various issues we had with wait times and some of of our food orders. However, I'm so glad we decided to try them again! We got the Deluxe Stuffed Crust Thursday special and let me tell you it is awesome!! Lots of good toppings, very tasty crust layers, and plenty of cheese which my wife loved. You won't go wrong ordering this masterpiece!!

    Matt Barbian
    December 02, 2021

    It is not often I leave a bad review, but for this visit I will. Last night we decided to order a couple of Italian Beef sandwiches, some fries, and onion rings. We were told it would be 30-35 minutes. We arrived in 30 minutes. I waited at least 2 or 3 minutes before someone came out of the back to help me. I paid for the order but looking back I think I was overcharged as compared to the online menu.  The guy had a hard time finding my order by name, and still had a hard time after I told him what I ordered. I think they had forgotten to cook the fries, and I think they tossed the onion rings back in the fryer to reheat them.  I suspect the food was ready way before the 30 minutes we were told. When we got the food home, we found the fries to be way under cooked and soggy. We had to put them in the air fryer to make them edible. The meat on the sandwiches was very dried out and nothing like Italian beef should be. It was also very spicy even though we did not have Giardinara on them. The menu also says the sandwich should have Mozzarella Cheese. If they had any, it was nowhere to be found. The sandwich was almost inedible. It is evident that there is no adult management at the restaurant. The lobby is a mess with printed signs that are ripped and old. This was our first visit in a long time, and it will be a long time until our next visit. Today I see I was actually charged $5.00 MORE than the overcharged amount. I did not put a TIP on the bill. I put a line through the tip line.

    donna George
    November 17, 2022

    I love this pizza. The place itself is small but the pizza makes up for it. They also have hot wings. This is what pizza is supposed to taste like. Waiting time for inside eating is about 30-40 minutes. Again, well worth the wait. DELICIOUS

    Justin Steel
    September 20, 2022

    Wow, just wow, just wow. This experience happened a while ago but I just found out about reviews so here we go. Wow. I ordered a pizza and it showed up 2-3 HOURS late. On top of that, it was disgusting and not the right pizza. The man did not speak English. Just shouted “me no hablas English” But I digress. They did not issue a refund. This was the worst pizza I’ve had, and there’s a reason for that: . Anyway, I can’t believe this happened.

    Todd LaRock
    August 13, 2022

    I ordered two pizzas and a small fry for delivery . This guy said they were charging me double the delivery fee because I am on the west side ok cool but then forgets to bring one of my two pizzas . The driver doesn't know whats going on so I call the store and had to explain what just happened the guy on the other end sounded like the one I ordered from but didn't remember me. I asked for more fries he said no. But we won't change you a 2nd double delivery fee tho. Not cool gb pizza😡

    Green Bay Pizza Company

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    2229 University Ave, Green Bay, WI 54302, USA

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