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    EK Mobile Welding & Fabrication
    September 16, 2023

    We had an emergency and hired KKelly, they were there in less than an hour and where super professional! I wish I had more work I could give them because I love working with people of this caliber! I would recommend them to anyone!

    Quinton LeSage
    May 12, 2023

    TL;DR - K. Kelly saved me $8,000. This story emphasizes the importance of getting multiple estimates before going forward with a project. The company I originally had in mind nearly convinced me that I needed to replace a large section of my cast iron sewer line. Based on drain cam video, there was an obstruction we thought might be a broken section of pipe. The first company said if one section is damaged, then the rest will be going bad too. And then I get hit with an estimate that threatened to eat my wallet. Do your due diligence and research your problem and your options. I found cast iron should last 50 to 100 years - mine shouldn't be going bad! Armed with better understanding, I reached out to other companies with photos and a summary of the expected problem. Mike with K. Kelly reached out fairly quickly. I'll admit, I think Mike may be a bit rough around the edges; I can see why some folks don't get a good impression of him. He's very to the point and I get the feeling he doesn't take a lot of ship (kind of odd for a plumber). However, he also came across as honest and, while he may not want to be your best friend, he is a professional and wants to help solve your problems. Mike was gobsmacked when I told him of my first estimate. Having an idea of what my sewer line problem was, he immediately knew what company had given me the first estimate. He told me he's been hearing similar stories from other customers about getting outrageous estimates and scopes of work. Based on his experience, the sewer line only needed a small section repaired or replaced. He gave me an estimate and it was my turn to be shocked. Assuming Mike was right, I'd save so much money. Even then, I didn't immediately decide to go with K. Kelly. Again, do your due diligence. After a week of getting similar estimates and scopes of work, I was convinced the first company did not have my interests in mind. In the end, K. Kelly had the best estimate and elicited the most confidence, so I scheduled a day with them. Tom was the technician who came out to do the work. Tom was friendly on arrival and easy to talk to. I showed him the area of concern and he let me know how he was going to proceed. He had no issues with me checking in with him during the work and didn't mind sharing progress updates. Even with a few surprises, Tom managed to pull the job off with no issues. He cleaned up the area well and was happy to chat a bit as he wrapped up. I was impressed by how everything played out with K. Kelly. I felt compelled to leave a review because they just saved me from flushing $8,000 down the toilet. The fact they were honest and professional was just icing on the cake.

    Joseph Hodgson
    August 25, 2023

    K Kelly always provides prompt, quality service at a fair price. Once again, they were here with a quick appointment and did a great job. I'd happily recommend them to family or friends.

    Margaret Hamilton
    June 29, 2023

    I’ve used K Kelly since I moved to Green Bay and have never been dissatisfied with their work both in heating/cooling and plumbing.

    Lisa Voskuil
    January 16, 2023

    Had a broken pipe comnected to our kitchen sink, rendering it unusable. We were washing dishes in the bathtub. Called another plumbing service on a Monday morning and was given a Thursday morning appt. On Monday afternoon, called K Kelly, looking for an earlier appt. Their tech was in my kitchen in one hour, took care of everything, including cleanup, was very courteous, and we paid alot less than I imagined. Will definitlely use K Kelly again!

    K. Kelly, Inc

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    2057 Bellevue St, Bellevue, WI 54311, USA

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