Miwa Ceramics

About Miwa Ceramics

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    I'm Miwako Heverly, but I go by "Binky" here in the US.

    Miwa Ceramics comes from my name, Miwako, which means beautiful and peaceful, and that is what I want my pottery to be - giving a sense of beauty and peace every time you look at and hold them.

    I create my pottery with Japanese art philosophy - simple understated beauty, appreciation of nature, and joy of the moment.

    I like using organic elements in my pieces and try to put them as they are seen in nature since their beautiful randomness always thrills me. Also, I pay attention for designs to be functional and pleasing so that people enjoy using, looking at, and feeling them every day - because, believe me, drinking a cup of coffee with your favorite handmade pottery mug does make your day better!

    Miwa Ceramics

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