Two Spoiled Great Danes

About Two Spoiled Great Danes

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    "After the unexpected and untimely death of my first Dane, I received a call from a lady that had acquired a female Dane that needed a new home-- a foster Mom, if you will (thanks Leah!).

    I went to check her out, and immediately fell in love! She had not been taken very good care of, and had many health problems. After a year and a half of trying to get, and KEEP her healthy, I had her allergy-tested. Sure enough, she had allergies to 8 ingredients in not only dog treats, but dog kibble!

    Needless to say, after that, I was on a mission to keep my "little girl" from feeling bad all of the time.

    After tons of research, I found NO treats on the market that she could eat and very few dog kibbles. In the process, I purchased my male Dane pup, who wound up being a picky eater! Thus...because of my "two spoiled Danes", TWO SPOILED DANES BAKERY was established".

    Two Spoiled Great Danes

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